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Designed specifically to work with clients to identify and achieve their personal and organizational goals, Corbeil Consulting Inc. (CCI) was launched in the fall of 2009. CCI is a professional services firm specializing in working with individuals and not-for-profit organizations to guide them through transformation, early development stages or growth. We provide advice on everything from business plans, governance structures and building better boards, and financial sustainability to effective communications plans and public affairs strategies. Our clients include individuals, not-for-profits, public sector organizations, foundations, public-private partnerships, and associations working in Canada and abroad.

Our approach is founded in:


  • On-time delivery

  • Respect for individuals

  • Open and transparent communications

  • Quality results


Our expertise is rooted in:


  • Post-Secondary Education Institutions

  • Research Funding

  • Science and Technology

  • Governance

  • Not-for-Profit organizations

  • Medical Associations

  • Social Services

  • Research Institutes

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Museums and Science Centres

We would be happy to discuss our approach to your needs and the skills we have to offer

toward achieving your goals and objectives.

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