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Strategic advice

We work with individuals and organizations to address issues in changing environments by developing short-term strategies and long-term plans. We provide services for individuals who want to develop their personal strategies and plans, or to organizations that are looking for a fresh approach. We will help you build effective networks, establish solid stakeholder and government relations, initiate consultations, sharpen environmental awareness, set concrete goals, develop strong governance, and shape winning teams.

Organizational development

We guide organizations through change by providing advice and guidance that is tailored to their unique competencies and culture. We specialize in assisting organizations through early development or transition, working with complex and multi-level stakeholders, and advising on all phases. We help by identifying issues and defining goals, developing and implementing strategies, reviewing the effectiveness of management and governance structures, and evaluating and assessing outcomes.

Stakeholder relations

CCI works with its clients to foster strategic relationships that will strengthen your position and support the achievement of your goals. We pay attention to your community of interest, helping you identify strategic linkages, build strong networks and foster relationships. This approach provides you with mechanisms for feedback and allows you to liaise with professionals who have common interests who can help promote initiatives or goals.

Governance and management support

We work with clients in building better boards and cultivating and effective and productive relationship between the CEO and their chair.  We support organizations in achieving their operational and strategic objectives by keeping informed on the trends and best practices in the sector. Our support can also includes financial, clerical, project management, succession planning, effective hiring practices, and performance management.

Mentoring and coaching

We work with individuals at all levels of an organization to advance their careers and to transform them into leaders. We provide a safe, open and honest environment to help individuals address their needs and concerns, and to meet new challenges. Our clients develop clarity and insight in their succession planning and leadership goals, and then adopt strategies and actions to achieve them. They learn how to address multiple objectives, tough problems, competing priorities, and tight deadlines.

Post-secondary interface with science & technology

CCI brings years of experience working with post-secondary institutions and in-depth knowledge in the area of science and technology to advise clients in a variety of areas in a quickly evolving landscape. Within this context, we make our clients aware of relevant public policies and guide them in developing strong stakeholder relations.

Team building and development

We help guide managers and teams to better understand team dynamics, pinpoint the attributes of a successful team and find methods for mobilizing teams for success. We focus on identifying the barriers to success and strategies for motivation, encouraging innovative thinking, and tapping into the skills and abilities of teams. In the end, teams will better understand and respect their unique competencies. Approaches include process facilitation, group and individual workshops.


With more than 10 years experience leading a nationally recognized communications team, CCI offers expertise in developing strategic communications approaches. Our team will assess the effectiveness and value of your communications practices and will work with your team to develop plans for maximizing the tools and resources available to achieve your goals and objectives.

Writing & Editing

We offer a wide range of communication services including writing original prose, copy editing, stylistic and substantive editing, proofreading, and layout design. We carefully draft and revise text to match the tone and style of your business, whether for internal or public use. We have experience in writing speeches, press releases, news articles, blogs, and more, in addition to creating marketing materials and operations policies. 

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strategic advice
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